Is Somebody Singing Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies?

It’s a proud day to be Canadian, thanks to Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, with the debut of their song sung between the International Space Station and Planet Earth (specifically from Canada).  Have you heard Is Somebody Singing?



If ever there was a song worthy of Tunes From the Road this is it!  Beautiful!

Curious how they prepared?  Here it is, thanks to CBC Radio (for whom our storytellers love):



Love and Light,

Emme  xoxo

#CrossCanada Playlist ~ Doug Paisley’s Constant Companion

I am jumping a little ahead in our #CrossCanada road trip tunes to Doug Paisley‘s Constant Companion, because Doug has a Show this next week and I want to share his music with all of you, in case any of you might like to catch him.


Photo Courtesy of CBC Radio 3's flickr, & cover to Constant Companion.


Doug is a rather special edition to the playlist, as we grew up together and I only discovered his music through my Dad, less than a year ago.  Music has always been one of the special things Dad and I shared. He is the man that fostered a love of Jazz in me, we’d gain our own groupies from our dancing at music festivals together and started discovering some artists together, like the Good Lovelies, through our love of CBC Radio. Doug was a good edition to the music Dad and I enjoyed together, especially as Doug is special to Dad and I.

Well, old friend aside, I fell in love with Doug’s music as I drove across the Prairies that second night of the trip. It is what found me safely to a place to sleep that night and many other nights in our first journey #CrossCanada.

Doug on QTV:


… and why yes, that is Jian Ghomeshi on drums.

And really how cool is it that Doug, a childhood friend, is now singing with Leslie Feist.



So Doug’s Show: He is performing with The Pining at Toronto‘s Glen Gould Studio on Saturday October 29th.  Sadly once again, I will be on the road and missing this performance.

Looking forward to catching Doug live one of these days myself, especially as I heard I missed his performance in my hometown, as I cruised across the country.

And one more for the road …



Emme xoxo