White Knights of Travel

One of the things I love about travel is all the amazing people you meet and how it expands the community of people you feel safe and protected by. I’m not sure if this is that travel brings out the best in people or if it is that you open yourself up more, and ask for help when you need it or possibly that when traveling those with you become your family for the trip. Whichever which way, the more I travel, the more White Knights I seem to acquire, and the more I appreciate all the goodness of character around me.

It is for this reason, that we are occasionally going to spotlight some of the White Knights in our travels. Below I mention a few of the White Knights of Travel that inspired this column.


Myself & Lucy Duck, Audrey & Dan, & Jen.


The Husbands

Daniel Noll of Uncornered Market and Ralph Velasco (photographer extraordinaire) for jumping in as my husbands, when I needed one. You are two gentlemen I am proud to have on either arm.

The First Wife

Audrey Scott of Uncornered Market for happily accepting me as the second wife and keeping an eye out for when I might need one.

The Florence Nightingales

Jen Pollack Bianca of My Life’s A Trip and Audrey for being the kind of gals that I’d let in my room, when at my worst to ensure that I got fluids, didn’t dehydrate, and make sure I didn’t need a doctor.

The Big Brothers

Tharwat Abouraya and Jan Polatschek for regularly checking up on me to see that all was well (both before and after I got sick).

The Tech Hero

Michael Tieso of the Art of Backpacking who fine tuned our site and got it back up and running after a traffic spike and unstable server slammed us, along with the Spring Cold, so I couldn’t think straight.


Ralph, Tharwat and Jan in Cairo's Old City


Thanks Dan, Ralph, Audrey, Jen, Tharwat, Jan and Michael!

I am sure we’ll be sharing other White Knights of Travel, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear about your White Knights of Travel in the comments below.


Dealing with the Flu While Traveling

Been pretty miserable the past few days, having been hit very unexpectedly with a nasty bout of the flu.  Have had everything from an excruciatingly sore throat to ringing ears, fever, throbbing head, runny nose, stuffed sinuses … And through it all, an incredibly groggy brain and absolutely zero energy. You get the picture.



Now I’m one that has no patience for being unwell.  There is just too much to do to waste time in bed, feeling blah.  I’m not one to run to the drug store for pharmaceuticals though, as I’m rather susceptible to the side effects … so that’s always a last resort for me … especially in another country.  Instead, I hole up with liquids, movies, books and a comfy bed and couch.  Usually a little R&R and I’m back to the races in no time.  That hasn’t been the case the last few days though.  I’d been hit hard and have been down for the count.  By Night 3, I’d hit the over the counter flu relieves, and today, after coughing up lovely yellow stuff from my lungs all afternoon, I finally called a real doctor and got some real drugs tonight.

All this got me thinking, what would I have done had I been on the road or in another country? I certainly have been in no condition the past few days to even go for a stroll around the neighbourhood, let alone take part in full action packed travel days. And with how much pain my sinuses have already been in, the idea of stepping on a plane in this condition makes me positively cringe.  So what would I do?

As much as I’d hate to waste valuable time in bed, sleeping it off, while there are adventures to be had, I realize this is probably what would have to be done, along with consuming lots of fluids.  And even though I hate unnecessary drugs, I’ll be adding some Beechams Flu Plus to the Travel First Aid Kit.



Curious to know what others do, I asked across the social feeds, and here are the responses I got:

Panorama Retreat also passed along this USA Today Article ~ Advice for Traveling with the Flu.

Would love to update the posts with your ways of dealing with the flu on the road. Just add your tips in the comments below, and I’ll update with a link to your site.