I Never Thought I’d Find These At The Airport!

When passing time at an airport I think most children like to hang out in the gift shops.  They usually sell interesting items that we don’t typically see in our local stores.  When traveling with my daughter recently, we came across a most unusual new toy concept.  We spotted some cute little fluffy things from a distance that caught our curiosity.  Once we got close to them though, we realized they weren’t cute at all! They were germs!


The Wall That Peaked Our Interest


E. Coli!


Can you imagine cuddling up with E. Coli, Pneumonia or the Swine Flu? We tried to creatively think of why you would buy these stuffed germs, or Giant Microbes as they are labeled.  First we thought they might be a good educational tool for an advanced science class learning about such topics.  They actually have an image on each tag that shows the true organism as it would appear under a microscope.  The addition of eyes threw us off though, as it suggests they should be purchased to be a friendly buddy.


Mad Cow and Toxic Mold


We then noticed that they also sell penicillin, so we decided upon the most logical use for the Giant Microbes .  Before getting on the plane, purchase a few of them to teach your children about possible illnesses they could contract while traveling.  Make sure to pick up the penicillin guy too so they can keep busy on your flight playing with the little stuffed blobs in a make believe bad guy/superhero role-play kind of way.  I can just imagine what that would sound like!

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    1. The mind boggles! I wonder who their market is?

    2. Incredible. And to think they are supposed to be cuddly toys. Yuk, yuk, yuk.
      inka recently posted..Art Deco masterpieces in IstanbulMy Profile

    3. The store we found them in sold mainly children’s toys, so their main market must be kids. We actually wanted to buy a couple just for the sheer fun of it, but they were $15.00 each! Maybe they should also make a little stuffed health insurance blob.
      Brie recently posted..I Never Thought I’d Find These At The Airport!My Profile

    4. Bizarre!! It is amazing the strange things you find as you travel…
      Pretraveller recently posted..How to Confidently Change or Cancel Your TripMy Profile

    5. Aww i love these little critters! I mist admit though i was also really suprised when i first saw them

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