Vancouver Theatre: Ensemble Theatre Company presents The Farnsworth Invention at Jericho Arts Centre

The Farnsworth Intervention at Vancouver's Jericho Arts Club Theatre

The Farnsworth Invention opened at the Jericho Arts Centre in Vancouver on Friday, July 19th. Ensemble Theatre Company's production of Aaron Sorkin's play tells the story of the invention of television -- a story that turns out to be more rich and complicated than I ever thought. The play introduces us to Philo T. Farnsworth, who was struck with the idea of transmitting images … [Read more...]

Never Shoot A Stampede Queen – Win Vancouver Tickets

Never Shoot a Stampede Queen on Stage

I am not sure about the rest of you, but one of my favourite side effects of travelling is taking the time to read.  And a favourite author of mine, that I tend to place at the tops of the holiday reads priority pile, is Mark Leiren-Young.  I still have yet to read Mark's latest book, Free Magic Secrets Revealed, that has only just hit bookstores in the past few weeks, but up … [Read more...]

Travel and Charity in Pacific Theatre’s Mother Teresa is Dead


Some people travel to visit friends or family. Some people travel to see the world. And some travel to escape. Such is the case of Jane, a character in Pacific Theatre’s latest show, Mother Teresa is Dead. Jane has travelled from England to India because she wants to help. She is overwhelmed by the poverty and injustice she sees in the world and feels an irrepressible need to … [Read more...]

Rent! in Vancouver with Fighting Chance Production

The disgruntled homeless. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Kuhl)

  Last Thursday, I had the privilege of seeing Fighting Chance Production’s rendition of Rent performed on stage at the Waterfront Theatre. It was the first time I’d seen the musical on stage. My previous exposure was in the heat of my awkward teenage years (which are taking their sweet time leaving the nest), when my mother took me to see the film adaptation; we love … [Read more...]

Vancouver Theatre Giveaway: Victor Victoria at the Metro Theatre

Victor Victoria at Vancouver's Metro Theatre, March 17th - April 7th, 2012

Oh to be in Vancouver this Saturday, and to be whisked away in my mind to Paris, France in the 1930's with a prime seat for the entertainment in the Clubs, in just the right spot in the room to eavesdrop on all the shenanigans going on around me, because you know as a writer that is what we absolutely love to do (or at least what I personally absolutely love to do, and then … [Read more...]