#SuperVoices: Recognize And Share Your Superpowers!

Courtesy of Tessa Taylor

A few years ago I would travel quite often between school in BC and work on a First Nations reserve in Alberta. My road to discovering my own superpower and using it to empower my life truly begins with this journey. Moving across a province for four months when you do not know anyone on the other side can be one of the most terrifying experiences.  I was terrified. When I … [Read more...]

The Pleasures of Being Home For The Holidays

Mango in Christmas PJs

There are a lot of magical places to visit over the holidays, and I always treasure new memories made.  We have family that live far away so we normally split our holidays over the years by travelling different places to visit them.  Recently, however, we had one of our most magical Christmas' ever when we decided to just stay home. Being home for the holidays means … [Read more...]

Trains at the Royal Botanical Gardens! An Ontario Auntie Adventure’s Holiday Favourite!

RBG Train Show

The Holidays for me have never been about presents, but rather family, at least that is since I became an adult and moved thousands of miles away from family.  The Holidays are the one time of year that we are all home and get a chance to see each other.  And as I am now Auntie, the holidays are about spending time with my sister and brother's kids, as well as my adult family … [Read more...]

Remember, It’s a Pittance of Time

Poppies photographed by Tony Oldroyd

It's a pittance of time ... Take the time today to remember why we enjoy the freedoms we do. And pray that we never face such horrors again. It's a pittance of time ... remember. Lest we forget. … [Read more...]

Creating A Travel Themed Garden

Wonder if some little garden insects would crawl inside these and make them their new home.  We love the idea of surrounding yourself with the memory of beach walks.

Traveling creates lasting memories, where even a simple photograph can take us back in time to the sights, smells and emotions we experienced.  For all the busy times of the year, or the financially strapped times, when we are unable to travel; having those memories can bring a lot of happiness to our day!  For this reason, we try to have elements that evoke the vacation spirit … [Read more...]