Navigating European Travel


I feel most fortunate to be so well travelled, but despite that, I am embarrassed to admit that I am very poorly versed on booking travel or searching out the best deals and most cost effective options.  You see, aside from flights home to visit my Mom (in which my travel options are quite limited), most of my travel is to speak at various places around the world, so other … [Read more...]

Springing into Summer Shape in Ottawa

Yoga on the Hill in Ottawa

One of my favourite Canadian cities is Ottawa! I love that Ottawa has a certain European charm to it, with it's historic buildings, under the city tunnels, and in places cobblestone streets and courtyards.  I love that it boasts a diverse and interesting mix of residence that don't shy away from a deeper discussion or debate. I love all the culture and theatrics (whether … [Read more...]

Celebrating Summer at Burnaby’s Deer Lake #TravelHappyDance Style

2012 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

A couple of months ago we threw down the gauntlet to challenge you to show us how travel makes you feel with your very own travel happy dance!  And there is no better time to do that then in the summer, when everyone kicks back to groove out to the music.  I know that is what we will be doing this weekend at the 2014 Festival! For a little taste of what you can … [Read more...]

Summer Music Loving with Outdoor Concerts in Burnaby

Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

Nothing feels more like summer to us than outdoor music festivals!  And with so many great ones in Burnaby, BC, we have a tendency to relish in the staycation close to home each summer with lazy days of reading by the pool, puttering with our patio pots turning our decks into summer oases, and revelling in the music that comes to us each summer. I single out Burnaby as … [Read more...]

Food and Drinks of Mexico: Sinaloa Region

The final product. This was delicious in tortillas. The addition of eating salsa with eggs is a brilliant new tradition for us too.

I've got one thing to shout out here ... Chiiilooooorrrrrio!!!! (Pronounced Chilorio, but must be said in an excited holler type of fun vacation voice with the rolling of the r's accentuated)  I have to say that during our stay in Mexico, breakfasts were by far our most interesting meals.  We woke one morning to find our friend cooking up a pot of meet which she explained was a … [Read more...]