Exploring The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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Being that my kids are in high school, it has been ages since we've been to any sort of museum, science centre or art gallery. I figured it was time to add some culture back in their lives.  When thinking back on all the field trips they have been on, combined with places we have taken them to, I realized they had never seen a dinosaur exhibit.  I really don't know how that's … [Read more...]

LA Kiss Arena Football

LA KISS Arena Football

There's no doubt about it, nothing is as exciting as watching a live sporting event.  Well, a lot of things could actually be more exciting, but when it comes to sports, watching it live is the best way to do it.  I had never been to see arena football until I recently attended an LA KISS game.  It was exhilarating! I'm pretty sure I've been spoiled should I ever try to see a … [Read more...]

Hiking the Tofino Bomber Trail


Last summer, after returning from Tofino, I discovered I had missed something interesting. Though I had fulfilled all my plans of hitchhiking, surfing, hot springs, and whale watching, I had missed a significant hike: the Tofino Bomber Trail. In 1945, during WWII, a RCAF Canso bomber plane crashed in the woods off the Pacific Rim Highway during a routine patrol of the … [Read more...]

Navigating European Travel


I feel most fortunate to be so well travelled, but despite that, I am embarrassed to admit that I am very poorly versed on booking travel or searching out the best deals and most cost effective options.  You see, aside from flights home to visit my Mom (in which my travel options are quite limited), most of my travel is to speak at various places around the world, so other … [Read more...]

Springing into Summer Shape in Ottawa

Yoga on the Hill in Ottawa

One of my favourite Canadian cities is Ottawa! I love that Ottawa has a certain European charm to it, with it's historic buildings, under the city tunnels, and in places cobblestone streets and courtyards.  I love that it boasts a diverse and interesting mix of residence that don't shy away from a deeper discussion or debate. I love all the culture and theatrics (whether … [Read more...]