The Color Run Los Angeles

If anyone ever asks you to join them to do The Color Run, you need not hesitate, simply shout, "YES!" My daughter wanted to do The Color Run Los Angeles with some friends of hers. When I found out a couple other parents were going, I was on the fence between "Oh good, she'll be safe with them.", and "Well, if these parents can do it, I should do it too." Little Miss Mason's … [Read more...]

Solana Beach and Winner’s Circle Resort with Teens

the pool at Winner's Circle Resort

Our Solana Beach adventure was part of a weekend getaway I planned for the occasion of my son's 16th birthday. We spent the whole first day at SeaWorld San Diego and you can read about the fun we had in this previous post SeaWorld San Diego. After our action packed day at SeaWorld, we drove just 15 minutes to a room we had reserved at the Winner's Circle Resort. This hotel … [Read more...]

SeaWorld San Diego with Teens

Killer Whale Show

I often write about traveling as a family with my husband and two teens, but this trip I switched things up a bit, subtracting the husband and adding 3 additional teens! My son recently turned 16 and rather than throw a tremendously expensive bash in a club, as many here have become accustomed to doing, we decided to take him, his sister and a few friends away for the weekend … [Read more...]

Nerding Out in Egypt to 40 Million Year Old and Present Day Mangroves

Egypt's Wadi El Gamal, an oasis in the desert.

I remember being 14 years old and listening on in fascination as Mrs Jones lectured to us in science class about the many adaptations of the mangrove. It wouldn't be until 23 years later that I would lay my eyes on a mangrove, and that first mangrove would not be alive, but rather a fossilized specimen on the floor of a 40 million year old ocean, in what seemed to be an … [Read more...]

Dancing in Mexico Red Boot Stomp Style


Our Roamancing red boots do love to dance and they had quite the splash dancing in Mexico! We were very fortunate to have visited friends during a non-peak travel season and had many highly sought after moments on the beach with absolutely no one else there! You know what an empty stretched out sandy beach with no one on it makes you feel like doing? Well, first it makes you … [Read more...]