Pike Place Seattle: The Original Starbucks, Flying Fish and a Gum Wall!

Pike Place Gum Wall

  When you leave the sightseeing to your kids, you never know what you will get, but it most certainly will involve something intriguing.  That's exactly what I did on a recent weekend getaway to Seattle. My two teens talked to other people and looked up things they might like to see. They then discovered that we could get to their favorite choices all in one … [Read more...]

Roamancing Swiss Views: Our Switzerland Swimsuit Illustrated Exposé

Chemin de la Dame, Lavaux, Switzerland

We (or at least 'I') couldn't help ourselves!  When we'd heard that Swimsuit Illustrated had kicked of 2014 with their own Swimsuit Illustrated edition of Swiss Views, we decided we had to show them up with our own Roamancing Edition of Swimsuit Swiss Views!  Although as you'll see from the post below we were somewhat loose in our definition of a 'swimsuit'.  Seems our only … [Read more...]

Absinthe In Travel: A Lesson in the Importance of Trusted Friends

Photo courtesy of dgtldnky.

My last trip to Europe was one of those adventures that showed me the true value of travelling with trusted friends. We were on a choir trip throughout Germany, France and the Czech Republic, singing in castles and fortresses and having a marvellous time. As you might expect with a group of twenty-somethings, drinking and getting up to mischief played a leading role in the … [Read more...]

#SuperVoices: Recognize And Share Your Superpowers!

Courtesy of Tessa Taylor

A few years ago I would travel quite often between school in BC and work on a First Nations reserve in Alberta. My road to discovering my own superpower and using it to empower my life truly begins with this journey. Moving across a province for four months when you do not know anyone on the other side can be one of the most terrifying experiences.  I was terrified. When I … [Read more...]

The Pleasures of Being Home For The Holidays

Mango in Christmas PJs

There are a lot of magical places to visit over the holidays, and I always treasure new memories made.  We have family that live far away so we normally split our holidays over the years by travelling different places to visit them.  Recently, however, we had one of our most magical Christmas' ever when we decided to just stay home. Being home for the holidays means … [Read more...]