Joyriding at Disneyland

Cars Land

Sometimes it just feels great to let go, be out of control and move at top speed. With two very busy kids, a dog and a job, life is very structured - it has to be in order for everything to work! With a newly licensed 16 year old driver, getting around town has also been a little tense. Sitting myself in the seat of an amusement park ride that whipped around corners, hurled me … [Read more...]

Reach Up LA: Volunteering for the Special Olympics World Games 2015

Special Olympics World Games

A city heard the call to action, 'Reach Up LA', and that's exactly what they did.  Over 30,000 volunteers signed up to make the Special Olympics World Games 2015 a successful life event for athletes with intellectual disabilities from 170 countries. Little did they know, that these games would do more to change their own lives! I know this because I was one of those volunteers. … [Read more...]

2015 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival – Gearing Up For A Good Time!

2012 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

For 7 years now our summer highlight in Vancouver's Lower Mainland is the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival, otherwise now known as my Birthday Bash! My friends love the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival so much that they now place it on their calendars before they make their other plans for the summer, and it has even become the much anticipated and talked about summer … [Read more...]

Special Olympics World Games 2015 Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

I had an amazing experience officiating the Open Water Swim Race of the Special Olympics World Games 2015! This was definitely one of those volunteer situations where you get more out of the experience than you could ever put into it. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to spend time with athletes and coaches from around the world and experience such powerful … [Read more...]

The Color Run Los Angeles

If anyone ever asks you to join them to do The Color Run, you need not hesitate, simply shout, "YES!" My daughter wanted to do The Color Run Los Angeles with some friends of hers. When I found out a couple other parents were going, I was on the fence between "Oh good, she'll be safe with them.", and "Well, if these parents can do it, I should do it too." Little Miss Mason's … [Read more...]