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Courtesy of Tessa Taylor

#SuperVoices: Recognize And Share Your Superpowers!

A few years ago I would travel quite often between school in BC and work on a First Nations reserve in Alberta. My road to discovering my own superpower and using it to empower my life truly begins with this journey. Moving across a province for four months when you do not know anyone on the other side can … Continue Reading



Travel Tips


Navigating European Travel

I feel most fortunate to be so well travelled, but despite that, I am embarrassed to admit that I am very poorly versed on booking travel or searching out the best deals and most cost effective options.  You see, … Continue Reading


How To Be A Good House Guest

Though I was sad to leave home and move so far away from friends and family, at least we relocated to a popular vacation spot so people have plenty of reasons to come and visit.  It is safe to say that we have now … Continue Reading