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Wonder if some little garden insects would crawl inside these and make them their new home.  We love the idea of surrounding yourself with the memory of beach walks.

Creating A Travel Themed Garden

Traveling creates lasting memories, where even a simple photograph can take us back in time to the sights, smells and emotions we experienced.  For all the busy times of the year, or the financially strapped times, when we are unable to travel; having those memories can bring a lot of happiness to our day! … Continue Reading



Travel Tips


Navigating European Travel

I feel most fortunate to be so well travelled, but despite that, I am embarrassed to admit that I am very poorly versed on booking travel or searching out the best deals and most cost effective options.  You see, … Continue Reading


How To Be A Good House Guest

Though I was sad to leave home and move so far away from friends and family, at least we relocated to a popular vacation spot so people have plenty of reasons to come and visit.  It is safe to say that we have now … Continue Reading