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Hiking the Tofino Bomber Trail

Last summer, after returning from Tofino, I discovered I had missed something interesting. Though I had fulfilled all my plans of hitchhiking, surfing, hot springs, and whale watching, I had missed a significant hike: the Tofino Bomber Trail. In 1945, during WWII, a RCAF Canso bomber plane crashed in the … Continue Reading





Remembering Eid Celebrations

It's a strange thing to describe Eid to people who are unfamiliar with it as I have found myself doing this and past years, as the holiday rolls around. Probably because it is a really diversely celebrated holiday, … Continue Reading

Streets of Cairo - July 3, 2013

Singing for Egypt

I was driving my car yesterday when I heard on CBC Radio that Morsi had been ousted as President of Egypt.  I was stunned, in a state of disbelieve and felt like bursting into tears of relief for the Egyptian people … Continue Reading