April Fools’ Dinner Fun Inspired from the Culinary Travels of Bob Blumer

Having worked with Bob Blumer last year, while he was traipsing around the Globe in search of the World’s Weirdest Restaurants for his new Show on Food Network Canada, I thought we’d share a few pics from his travels that might inspire some meal time April Fools’ Fun for your dinner tonight.

Have you ever served up bugs?

You could easily slip them into a pizza without it being obvious?  I know we plan on doing this to Brie one of these days.


Roasted Cricket Pizza, as photographed by Bob Blumer at Vij's Rangoli in Vancouver, BC.


How about using unusual dinner ware?

In Taipei Bob was served up dinner in items from the loo and his entrée was scooped up out of a life-size toilet bowl. Easy enough to do this at home with bed pans and a child’s porta potty, I’d just recommend you don’t use one that has been used for ‘other purposes’ before.


Dinner's served at Taipei's Modern Toilet, as captured by Bob Blumer.


Dessert, anyone? (photographed by Bob Blumer)


Or you could always dress up for dinner?

Mark-sans of Tokyo’s Kagaya Restaurant does.


Mark Kagaya, as photographed by Bob Blumer


So what is the strangest thing or way you’ve served up dinner?  Any weird experiences you’ve had in your travels that you’d love to replicate at home (for a joke or otherwise)?

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    1. Bizarrely I find the toilet served food more appealing than the Cricket pizza.

    2. Um, I’ll pass on the bugs and the toilet bowl serving dishes. If I thought about it all day, I don’t think I could come up with anything I’ve experienced that comes close to those. Happy April Fools’ Day!

    3. I had a good giggle with the toilet bowl servings – amazing what people will do. As for the bugs…. no, would not be funny…. hope you had a good April fools day :)

      • I have eaten bugs before Cynthia. They are not that bad.

        As for the toilet bowls, the Japanese have a very odd sense of humour and appeal when it comes to restaurants.

    4. I had crickets in chili and garlic in Oaxaca and they were delicious. If people closed their eyes they would have no idea they were eating insects.

    5. LOL! Those are too great! The bug pizza is classic. That’ll teach people from just chomping down without taking time to appreciate the creative genius!

    6. Too cute. Not sure I could eat out of a toilet bowl.
      Pamela recently posted..Fun with Photography (Shutter Speed and Aperture)My Profile

    7. Just love Japan, and Japanese food. To think I didn’t like Tofu before my travels around the country, now I’m a big fan.
      flashpackatforty recently posted..Diving in Malaysia: Perhentian Island LifeMy Profile

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