Room With A View In Miami

The View From My Room At The Westin Diplomat

The last time I was in Miami, it was to embark on a short cruise to visit a friend who was working on a ship as a dancer.  This time, the visit was also with a friend, but to help her out with an event.  Totally different experience!  Last time, I only had one short afternoon to walk around South Beach.  This time, I stayed right on it.  Last time, I was sharing a miniature … [Read more...]

Snowy Canadian Flashbacks to the Tub at Le Chamois

Tub Bliss at Le Chamois Whistler

What is life without indulgence from time to time. Indulgence can come in many different forms ~ a glass of exquisite wine, a rather scrumptious piece of chocolate, or simply stealing a quiet moment in the sunshine.  For me, one of my favourite indulgences is a good soak.  I love relaxing in hot water and wallowing all my worries away.     It is for … [Read more...]

World Best Soaks: Inspired by Le Chamois Whistler and Scandinave Spa Whistler

Tub Bliss at Le Chamois Whistler

It's been an interesting year. One that has been presenting a lot of change, for the better I think.  You see both Brie and I got hit up in the Rat Race this Winter / Spring to a very unhealthy extent.  I don't joke when I say that I think we were both heading to a nervous breakdown or a heart attack. I think it was the idea of Roamancing that kept us hanging on by a thread … [Read more...]