Frogs at the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) in Burlington, Ontario: An All Ages Adventure

Ornate Horned Frog at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario

As a teenager, it was a science fair project on frogs that landed me my first job in a research lab at the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Burlington, Ontario - which was an awfully cool summer job and pivotable moment in my life.  So when I heard there was a frog exhibit on at the RBG this winter (until April 12th, 2015), I had to go! On my first visit, I took my … [Read more...]

Trains at the Royal Botanical Gardens! An Ontario Auntie Adventure’s Holiday Favourite!

RBG Train Show

The Holidays for me have never been about presents, but rather family, at least that is since I became an adult and moved thousands of miles away from family.  The Holidays are the one time of year that we are all home and get a chance to see each other.  And as I am now Auntie, the holidays are about spending time with my sister and brother's kids, as well as my adult family … [Read more...]

For the Love of Canada

Canadian Cupcake

While we have storytellers from around the World, we were conceived and call Canada home ... a home we dearly love! In honour of our Canadian birthday, it has become tradition here, that every Canada Day we share a few of our favourite images from the year gone by.  Hopefully this will give you a little glimpse of why we so dearly love and are proud of this magnificent home … [Read more...]

A Quick Visit to Toronto for Art and Architecture

Frank Gehry design at the AGO.

Sometimes, last minute travels are the most rewarding. With no time to stress over details, the spontaneity of jumping on a plane without any real plan is liberating. Last weekend, I was able to go on one of these adventures to Toronto for art and architecture, as well as to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. My mom had made plans to go visit relatives, and asked me if I wanted … [Read more...]

Clouds, Natural Beauty the World Over

Setting my sights on the beautiful blue waters & gentle skies of the Caribbean for the 1st time.

This week's #FriFotos reminded me of the beauty created by clouds the world over.  In celebration, here are a few moments in my travels from the past year, where the clouds made me smile! From the Air       Clouds over Canada         Elegant over … [Read more...]