Remembering Eid Celebrations

It's a strange thing to describe Eid to people who are unfamiliar with it as I have found myself doing this and past years, as the holiday rolls around. Probably because it is a really diversely celebrated holiday, and might look pretty different as every family has its own yearly traditions. For me, some of the things I would look forward to every Eid are even too silly to be … [Read more...]

Vancouver Theatre: Ensemble Theatre Company presents The Farnsworth Invention at Jericho Arts Centre

The Farnsworth Intervention at Vancouver's Jericho Arts Club Theatre

The Farnsworth Invention opened at the Jericho Arts Centre in Vancouver on Friday, July 19th. Ensemble Theatre Company's production of Aaron Sorkin's play tells the story of the invention of television -- a story that turns out to be more rich and complicated than I ever thought. The play introduces us to Philo T. Farnsworth, who was struck with the idea of transmitting images … [Read more...]

Roamancing Mozambique: Sights and Sounds of Maputo


One of the nicest things about Maputo, Mozambique is how sunny and close to the sea the city is. It was a pleasure just to get into the car with no destination in mind and take in the sights. With the weather warm and conducive to relaxation, sometimes we would just take a ride into, around or out of the city to see what we found.     It was not uncommon … [Read more...]

Roamancing Mozambique: Bolo de Arroz

Finished! Bolo de Arroz.

Bolo de Arroz is a Portugese rice cake popular in cafes and bakeries in Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil. You'll know it when you see it because of it's characteristic cylindrical shape, golden crust, and wax paper wrap that often reads 'BOLO DE ARROZ.' ('Bolo' meaning 'cake', arroz meaning 'rice'). It's unique shape and wrapping make it a singular member of the pastry world. It`s … [Read more...]

Learning Portuguese in Sunny Mozambique

If you visit, be sure to enjoy the fresh coconuts. They are everywhere and so refreshing.

My favourite part about going to a different country is delighting in the unfamiliar sounds of a new language -- and then trying them on my own tongue. Mozambique has many different dialects, but being a recently decolonized country, Portuguese is the most commonly spoken language in the capital of Maputo where I spent the greater part of my visit. My impression of the culture … [Read more...]